Dawn Davis

Credentials: MD,PhD

Position title: Director, UW CDC; Professor of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

Email: dbd@medicine.wisc.edu

The Davis laboratory is focused on islet biology, using a wide variety of models and methods to understand adaptive pathways that promote beta-cell proliferation and protect beta-cells from apoptosis to preserve beta-cell function. The lab has active projects focused on understanding the complex paracrine signaling networks involving CCK and GLP-1 in the islet that promote beta-cell survival and that examine the role of the novel T1D susceptibility gene, Tcf19, in regulating beta-cell stress and DNA damage responses. Dr. Davis is also an active collaborator on clinical research projects where she leverages her expertise in diabetes and endocrinology on studies ranging from understanding post-bariatric hypoglycemia to studying novel approaches to examine early urologic dysfunction in patients with type 1 diabetes.