Diego Hernando

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Associate Professor and Director of Quantitative Body MR

Email: dhernando@wisc.edu

I have expertise in magnetic resonance (MR) physics, pulse sequence development, image reconstruction, parameter estimation, and chemical shift encoded methods for detection and quantification of fat and iron. I have developed and validated advanced MR quantitative techniques for cardiac, abdominal, and pelvic imaging applications. Specific topics of research interest include technical development and translational validation of methods for fat and iron quantification, abdominal and pelvic imaging, MRI near metal implants, quantitative diffusion MRI, and artificial intelligence in MRI. A major focus of my research is the development of novel imaging techniques that enable rapid, accurate and precise quantification of fat and iron in the liver. My expertise also includes development and validation of motion-robust MRI techniques, and the design of novel quantitative MRI phantoms (including for fat and iron quantification).