Dudley Lamming

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Director, Mouse Phenotyping & Surgery Core; Associate Professor of Medicine

Email: dlamming@medicine.wisc.edu

Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping and Surgery Core Lamming Lab

Our laboratory is focused on understanding how what, when, and how much we eat can regulate metabolic health and aging. We discovered that low protein diets promote metabolic health – improving blood sugar control and reducing adiposity – in humans and mice, and we have identified dietary branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) as key regulators of these effects. We currently study the mechanisms that mediate these beneficial effects, with an emphasis on understanding the role of the amino acid responsive kinase mTOR (the mechanistic Target of Rapamycin). We also study if geroprotective agents that improve glycemic control can be used to promote healthy aging and treat or prevent age-related diseases.