Tamara LeCaire

Credentials: MS, PhD

Position title: Associate Scientist

Email: tjlecaire@wisc.edu

I am an Epidemiologist and Population Health Scientist with experience conducting biomedical, population-based and applied public health research. In 2020, I joined the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI), working under the leadership of Dr. Cynthia Carlsson, to support WAI’s overarching goals of increasing dementia awareness, reducing health disparities in dementia and improving quality of dementia care. Prior to working with WAI, I served as the Associate Director of the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin and, for over 18 years, also served as the Project Director for the longitudinally followed incident T1 diabetes cohort, the Wisconsin Diabetes Registry Study (current PI, Dr. Mari Palta). The latter established my longstanding research interests in the prevention and early detection of diabetes-related complications. With this cohort, we provided evidence that individuals diagnosed more recently benefitted from the practice of more intensive diabetes management at earlier durations, through lower rates and less severe complications versus in those diagnosed decades earlier. Moving forward, I intend to bridge my work with WAI and research interests to support improved early detection of cognitive dysfunction and subsequent dementia care among individuals with diabetes, especially among those who are underserved and marginalized, through clinic, applied public health and community-based projects. Recently, I’ve also contributed to Dr. Elizabeth Cox’s work on barriers to self- management in T1 diabetes and have supported Dr. Palta’s transfer of the cohort’s biobank to the Diabetes Research Center.