Jon Levine

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Professor


While serving as Director of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center Director, I have also continued to direct my own active research laboratory, conducting funded research on issues relevant to three of the four working groups areas: the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and the organizational and activational effects of steroid hormones in the brain, with particular emphases on the roles that estrogen and androgen receptors play in mediating the effects of steroids in neurodevelopment, puberty, ovulatory cyclicity, reproductive development, and energy homeostasis. Impaired insulin sensitivity, abnormal glucose control and adiposity are common features of PCOS. My current research activities include a major focus on determining the potential role of brain steroidogenesis and the neuroendocrine regulation of body weight, adiposity, glucose homeostasis, and energy metabolism.