Samantha Pabich

Credentials: MD

Position title: Assistant Professor


I collaborate as a study physician with Dr. Corrine Voils, a social psychologist who studies weight loss and medication adherence in diabetes. We are currently working on an R01-funded behavioral intervention to determine whether patients lose weight more effectively if they receive an intervention alone or with their domestic partner, and a UG3-funded study regarding the association of monetary incentives with weight loss maintenance. For each study, I developed an online screening tool to take patients through inclusion and exclusion criteria. We are additionally collaborating on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a medication adherence tool developed by Dr. Voils. I have also advised Dr. Olayinka Shiyanbola’s research on peer-led interventions to improve adherence to diabetes treatment plans. Additionally, I will be taking over advising for the Metformin in Aging study in the near future (Principal Investigator is Dr. Adam Konopka). In the future, I am interested in studying ketogenic diets in both the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes populations. In the clinic, I’m interested in changing the way diabetes care is administered, and have been working with clinic management to make alterations to ensure that cardiovascular risk factors are addressed and to advocate for more frequent medication titration.