Samantha Pabich

Credentials: MD, MPH

Position title: Assistant Professor


I am an endocrinologist and population health researcher interested in translating clinical observations to research studies, and research outcomes to clinical interventions.

Current collaborations: 

  • Dr. Corrine Voils. Together we study behavioral weight loss interventions (Log2Lose, Collaborate2Lose, Partner2Lose) and medication adherence in diabetes and hypertension.
  • Dr. Olayinka Shiyanbola. We study peer-led interventions to improve adherence to diabetes treatment plans. 
  • Dr. Adam Konopka: We study the impact of Metformin on a variety of health outcomes. 

Areas of interest/potential for future collaboration:

  • ketogenic diets in both the Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes populations.
  • changing the way diabetes care is administered (using remote monitoring, improving access to mental health and ophthalmology services, ensuring patients are on evidence-based medications to address diabetic comorbidities as well as blood sugar control)
  • Impact of sugar-sweetened beverages and artificially-sweetened beverages on taste preferences, presence of diabetes, and presence of obesity
  • Prevention of diabetes and obesity using anthropometry and continuous glucose monitors