Perry Pickhardt

Credentials: MD

Position title: Professor of Radiology


I have a longstanding track record in pioneering opportunistic CT screening, a broad background in abdominal imaging, as well as a specific interest in harnessing CT data that often go unused in routine practice. My CT-based research has long included a focus on hepatic steatosis and metabolic associated liver disease, as well as metabolic syndrome and visceral fat. More recently, this has centered on the development and validation of deep learning AI techniques that allow for fully automated CT-based body composition measures. We are now looking at deep learning techniques for evaluating the pancreas at CT as an imaging biomarker for diabetes mellitus, and would like to further explore CT-based body composition measures (eg, visceral fat and muscle measures) to correlate with diabetic control. In addition, I have published over 500 papers and book chapters, as well as several textbooks. I have served as PI on a large, multi-center DoD trial, as well as co-PI on multiple subsequent NIH-funded R01 grants (one active).