Hershel Raff

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Professor of Medicine

Email: hraff@mcw.edu

1. We are evaluating the long-term metabolic effects (e.g. insulin sensitivity and beta cell function) of early life stress with a focus on a rat model of human prematurity that we developed. 2. We are studying the relationship between obesity and chronic pain in adolescent human subjects and a dietary rat model of obesity to determine if lipid metabolites (among other circulating factors) may provide an important link amenable to mitigation. We are collaborating with Judith Simcox at UW Madison on this exciting project. 3. Cushing’s syndrome (neoplastic hypercortisolism) as well as physiological (non-neoplastic hypercortisolism) are syndromes of insulin resistance and continue to be a major public health issue. We are developing new ways to diagnose and differentially diagnose these syndromes as well as evaluate the epidemiology of these diseases.