Xudong Wang

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Email: xudong.wang@wisc.edu

My research focuses on flexible and implantable piezoelectric materials and device development. I have a decade long tracking record of independent research on nanomaterial development for mechanical energy conversion and utilization, particularly from biomechanical resources. During the progress of my current R01 project, I expanded my research portfolio on biomechanical energy conversion and initiated a new research direction – studying how the charge-limited electric fields produced by nanogenerators uniquely influences biological systems, such as neuromodulation, skin wound recovery, hair growth and bone healing. These new efforts yielded impressive preliminary results and provided new promises for the development of power-free and self-activated electronic medical devices. I have also developed an implantable vagus nerve stimulator for obesity control. Although I don’t have research activity that is directly related to diabetes, I am working on implantable electrostimulation devices and have great interest in exploring their applications on treating diabetes.